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Gray Kitties and Red Polka Dots

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Gray Kitties and Red Polka Dots
Gray Kitties and Red Polka Dots
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Baby/Toddler blankets may sound like a weird combination with nail polish, but maybe not so weird as you may think.

These blankets are double thick and extra large to help keep the little one snug and out of a the cold winter air when transporting them from home to car or vise versa.

They are also light enough to be babies first blanket and due to there larger then average size, they work perfect when its time to move that little bundle of joy to a big bed....much to our aching hearts.

So next time you need a baby gift or maybe you just want something a little out of the norm, remember these and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

All fabric used has been prewashed in Tide with bleach and Downey fabric softener.

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