Our Story

Our story….   

       Many of you might wonder how Pretty Beautiful Unlimited came to be.  Well some time in 2014 I purchased some of my first indie polish and it was instant mad love!  I was pregnant at the time with my second baby and once I started researching “indie polish” I fell even more in love. You see I have a “problem” with glitter and sparkles.  I LOVE it!  And what I had been looking for and not finding in mainstream brands was overwhelming satisfied with indie polish.  

       By the time my baby was born I had decided this was what I wanted to do full time.  And so the journey began.  My first hurdle was what in the world do I call this brand I was so feverishly crazy about.  I’m absolutely terrible with names so I asked my husband.  Right around this time I had discovered an artist named Danny Gokey (my other passion is music, I can’t play an instrument or carry a tune but I am forever on the hunt for “new” music). We were on our way into town (yes we live way out in the country) when this song Pretty Beautiful started playing.  My husband looked at me and said “you should call your line Pretty Beautiful Polish”.  After a little bit of thought (alright a lot of thought!) I decided to go with Pretty Beautiful Unlimited.  I didn’t want my dream to be confined or labeled as one thing, just like I don’t want to be labeled as just a wife or mom.  I was raised to be a self confident and independent woman who can reach as far as her dreams will go. It's this spirit of never giving up and believing in yourself and your dreams that I hope to spread to any and all who come across my humble little line. 

       Currently I offer a wide range of nail polish and wax.  I also have a small selection of hand painted necklaces and cuticle oils, but as I said the sky's the limit and I hope to add bath and body, more jewelry, nail art items and basically anything else my brain can come up with.  The business is currently a work in progress and I hope the journey never comes to an end.  I hope you join us and until we meet again I pray you find love, hope and inspiration all around you!

Virginia Shaw
Owner/Creator Pretty Beautiful Unlimited