Cuticle Oil Scent List

This is a list of all past and present scents.  If you are looking for one that has been discontinued and would like to make a special request, please email us @ so we can look in to accommodating your request. 

Abalone Seashells - A fresh ocean scent with notes of daylily, sea spray, watery florals and musk.
Agave Sea Kelp - A fresh and intriguing blend of agave, sea kelp, ocean breeze, citrus zests, sparkling bergamot, dewy cyclamen and soothing sandalwood.
Apple Mango - This magnificent island aroma bursts with scents of fresh mango and apple slices. Sweet undertones of soft floral complete this tropical paradise.
Bathhouse & Beach Daisies - A bouquet of wild violets, rose and jasmine is softened by vanilla and white musk combines with the simpleness of daisies, gardenia and lemongrass - reminiscent of a fresh spring day.
Beach - A gorgeous day at the beach complete with warm sand, sea spray, salt, jasmine and mandarin. Compare to Bobbi Brown's Beach.
Berry Vanilla - An enticing aroma of wild blueberry, bergamot, blackberry, vanilla cream, raspberry sugar and buttermilk musk.
Bird of Paradise - Pink jasmine and sheer musk combined with juicy strawberry, pomegranate and creamy vanilla.
Birthday Cake - Celebrate with this blend of rich, creamy vanilla and a scrumptious cake accord.
Black Sangria - Refreshing black grapes, orange, black plum, berries, apple and pineapple drenched in chilled red wine. 
Blackberry Ombre - Summer’s favorite fruits blended with cool vanilla sugar, coconut, and buttercream. 
Blue Lotus Spa - Reminiscent of a refreshing spa, morning mist and lemon zest brighten precious blue lotus petals and silken woods.
Caribbean Colada - A tropical twist of coconut milk and shaved coconut, cool iced vanilla and white nectarine that's the perfect relaxing summer escape.
Citrus Blossoms - A refreshing mix of citrus, honeysuckle and orange blossom enhanced with a hint of thyme.
Citrus Explosion - An invigorating blend of fresh zesty mandarin with warm and tangy full-bodied pomegranate.  Fused with fresh coconut, lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla.
Coconut Lime Verbena - A tantalizing fusion of fresh coconut, lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla.
Cotton Candy - This fragrance is wonderfully sweet and delightful! You can almost taste the soft, sticky spun sugar at the fairgrounds.
Cranberry and Lemon Tonic - Festive blend of fresh cranberries and key lime with a zing of grapefruit, crisp champagne bubbles, strawberry, pomegranate and fizzy lemon soda and a hint of white musk.
Creamsicle - A scrumptious blend of creamy vanilla, juicy orange, sweet pineapple and maraschino cherry.
Cucumber Melon - summer honeydew and sweet watermelon combined with crisp, cool cucumber
Cucumber Twist - Cucumber peel, lime leaves and fennel add a crisp element to the soft violet blossom undertone. 
Cut Grass - The wonderful fresh aroma of freshly cut green grass. 
Dragonfruit & Pear - Exotic dragon fruit and casaba melon blend with notes of crisp pear and apple blossom.
Gardenia Lily - The fresh floral aroma of summer time gardenias and elegant lilies.
Hot Vanilla Rum - fresh churned butter, sugar, creamy vanilla bean and simmered rum; topped with fresh whipped cream, a sprinkle of nutmeg and a sweet dash of toasted coconut.
Hyacinth - A gorgeously complex fragrance that combines hyacinth with the leafy green notes typically found in the entire plant.
Kisses in the Dark - Mirabella plum, black raspberry amber, lush peony, vanilla bean, musk and fresh spun cotton candy. 
Lemon Cilantro -  light blend of lemon and cilantro with hints of fresh cut grass and green tea.
Lilac - This sweet floral smells like true lilacs in full bloom.
Mango Coconut - This magnificent island aroma bursts with scents of fresh mango and coconut shavings. Sweet undertones of sugared musk blend to complete this tropical paradise.
Passionfruit Rose - Passionfruit Rose is an exotic floral that is ideal for refreshing the long hot days of summer. Crisp, sweet, and modern.
Peach - As rich and juicy as the juiciest peach picked straight from the tree in the Georgia Peach orchard. 
Pineapple Punch - Delectably tart wedges of deep golden pineapple are smoothed out with creamy coconut milk. A delightful blend of peach nectar and pink guava completes this irresistible tropical nectar.
Pink Sugar - Sweet delectable cotton candy essence with hints of jasmine and musk.
Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea - Fill your senses with this romantic blend and share the joy with your loved ones! Deep red hibiscus is infused with sweet, ripe raspberries and delicate rose petals.
Sea Glass - The fresh clean scent of sea water, fresh air, sparkling citrus and soft woods.
Sex on the Beach - A classic, tropical and citrus blend of pineapple, grapefruit and orange.
Starry Night - A light blend of grape, peach and plum with sparkling citrus, rose and musk….perfect for spring!
Strawberry Fairy Thyme - A sprinkling of frozen mango, pink sugar and raspberry sorbet with champagne bubbles, fressia and cashmere musk mixed with strawberry lemonade and candied apple with a twist of thyme.
Strawberry Thyme Lemonade - Cool and refreshing lemonade with sliced strawberry, ripe raspberry and candied apple gets a trendy twist with a sprig of thyme.
Summer Spice - patchouli, cinnamon and cedar wood mixed together in a deliciously earthy scent.
Tulips in Bloom - Fresh as a spring day with notes of tulip, green grass and fresh air. 
Unicorn Poop - A rainbow of delicious treats, such as sugared strawberry, sweet peach, ripe raspberry and cotton candy.
Violets & Violas - A meadow of misted violets and jasmine are warmed by amber woods and softened by sheer musk.
Viva La Juicy - Golden amber and Egyptian musk intermingled with sparkling citrus, lily of the valley, pink jasmine and warm woods.
   updated 6/16/2018